Treatments for Head Lice

Effective treatments for head lice

While there are many over-the-counter treatments for head lice available today, the effectiveness of these insecticide based cures have slowly reduced over time as the lice’s natural immunity has grown with every new generation of these tiny blood-sucking creatures. Millions of people world-wide (an estimated 6-12 million each year) discover they have head lice and while there are certainly many different “cures” and treatments, their effectiveness range from useless to satisfactory, at best.

Shampoo treatments contain powerful and potentially toxic insecticides that kill the eggs and lice but also run the risk of possible health side effects, especially if the application instructions are not followed correctly. Alternative “home” treatments for head lice such as covering one’s head in mayonnaise or vinegar, will, at best, do nothing to alleviate the problem and leave you or your child with a mess to clean from their hair as well as the head lice. In a worst case scenario these alternative methods could actually cause higher absorption of toxic chemicals if used in conjunction with a prescribed medication.

The only truly effective (and guaranteed safe method) is manual lice removal. Unlike other treatments for head lice, this technique involves using a specially designed comb and trained clinical staff to methodically work through the infested individual’s hair to remove the lice and their eggs. Leaving even a single egg or bug behind will just cause the process to start over again.

Lice Busters NYC has been in the lice-killing business for over twenty years and using our state-of-the art delousing combs with our specially formulated all-natural chemical free hair solution, we guarantee that you or your child will be lice free, usually in under an hour of our trained professionals beginning treatment.

If you suspect you or your child have head lice, you can read more on the symptoms Click here. and remember, Lice Busters NYC offers proven safe remedies that can clear-up any nfestation usually within one hour. Click here for more details on how we can help you.