The Social Stigma of Lice

Lice, like many other pests, carry a social stigma. If you or your kids have lice people may assume you are dirty or do not keep you home well maintained. These assumptions could not be further from the truth. Lice like to live in clean hair so they can lay their eggs in a comfortable environment.


Thankfully you can get rid of the problem before having to deal with any of the embarrassing repercussions. Lice Busters carries a number of safe, effective and all natural lice treatment products. If the unthinkable happens and your child comes home with lice, just use our All Natural Lice Products to remove you Lice infestation. Our best selling lice products are the following, a stainless steel Lice Comb, which is used to remove lice and nits from the hair. A Lice Treatment Lotion, which is used to assist the combing process by making it easier to remove lice from the hair. Lice Prevention Spray, which is 100% effective at preventing lice. Lice and Nits hate the smell and stay away.  Lice Busters Lice products are all natural unlike other treatments for lice which contain toxic chemicals. Use our products and the critters will be gone before your kid can even scratch their head.

lice treatment

You never know when your child will be sent home with lice so have some lice removal products on hand. The longer the lice stay in the hair the more opportunities they have to spread, reproduce and cause irritation. Attacking the problem quickly is the best solution. Then no one even has to know that you or your child had lice, which is easier then explaining lice to others.