All Natural Lice Remedies

There are lots of lice treatments on the market, so it can be hard to determine which one is for you. Additionally an online search will yield a plethora of homespun head lice treatments. Lice sufferers are not short on options but choosing the best path to rid yourself of lice can be difficult.


Many people are afraid to use lice treatments because of the harsh chemicals they contain. Often lice treatments can aggravate the scalp and hair. In children especially this can mean a lot of uncomfortable head scratching after the lice have been removed. Many people are also uncomfortable with sending harsh chemicals, like those found in lice treatments, down the drain.

lice treatments


At the same time home remedies are untested, unproven, and often ineffective. Some are outright bizarre. Do you want to spend an afternoon soaking y


our hair in vinegar? What is the health and environment conscious lice sufferer to do?


I would suggest the Lice Buster’s line of all natural products. They feature natural ingredients that combat lice without damaging the scalp. They are good for the environment and don’t contain harsh chemical agents. Unlike home remedies they have been designed by scientists and are as effective as chemical treatments, they are simply gentler.

Effective Lice Treatments

Have you tried multiple Lice treatments and none of them work. That’s because you haven’t tried the Lice Busters All Natural Lice Treatment. The Lice Busters Lice Treatment is all natural and 100% effective, unlike other Lice Treatments, which contain toxic chemicals and pesticides. When many of us were younger the prevailing attitude around head lice was that once you went through someone’s hair with a special lice comb and picked out all of the visible eggs things were mostly all better. A quick shower with some regular shampoo was all you needed to be mostly done with the head lice infestation. Of course, these days people are less willing to move on in the event of a discovery of lice.

Lice Comb

Lice Comb

These days however the treatment of lice has become a lot more thorough with specific shampoos and soaps to help fight the little bugs more effectively and permanently. The Head Lice products available at Lice Busters’ website are meant specifically to help you manage and permanently get rid of a head lice problem. While the old tried and true lice comb inspection and egg removal is important we can now be ever more confident in it’s effectiveness.

The Lice Products available through Lice Busters are a must have for any parent with a kid going to school but they are particularly important at summer camp comes which along in the next few months. Finding a way to effectively rid your kids and your home of lice is very important.


Debunking Lice Myths

There are plenty of myths floating around about lice, from who can contract it to supposed lice treatments. So I thought we would take the time to briefly go over some of the most common ones we hear a lot. Let’s set the record straight about lice and how to get rid of it.


lice remedies

  • Hair dye does not kill lice. You will just end up with dyed lice. Maybe they will look nicer but they will still be there.
  • Hairspray, gel, and other hair products are not a preventative measure against lice. It will not keep them at bay.
  • As we mentioned in a previous post, boys –even with buzz cuts– can still get lice.
  • Only 50% of people experience itchiness from head lice. Further more, the itch comes from lice bites and not from them crawling on your scalp. It can sometimes take up to 4 weeks for it to even become itchy.
  • Lice outbreaks are not necessarily seasonal. Those little buggers live all year long.
  • Lice cannot infest your home. They can only survive on a human head and when off the head, they die within 48 hours.


Lice will go to dirty or clean hair. Everyone can get them. Although they prefer clean hair, in order to begin reproducing in a clean and healthy environment.

Head Lice Prevention

We spend a lot of time talking and thinking about how to deal with head lice once they have already made their presence known but what sort of preventive measures are available?


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Chances are if someone at your child’s school had uncovered head lice there is good reason to take some precautions for your own child. One great way is to use an All Natural Lice Prevention spray. The spray wards off any potential lice before you start looking even start thinking about any  lice treatments. Lice hate the smell and will stay away from your child whether they are learning in a potentially lice infested classroom or diving into an always questionable Chuck E. Cheese ball-pit.


The spray is odorless to humans but gives off a smell that is abhorrent to lice and they will stay clear of your child no matter how close her or she gets to a child carrying the itchy little critters. Avoiding the problem as with most things is the best way to deal with it. There is a lot of ways you can figure out to try and avoid head lice but chances are it is much easier to take the preventative measure of getting some of this spray.

Lice Treatments Beat Head Shaving

We have come quite far in our collective management of a lice problem. Used to be that when a kid in school got lice many young boys shaved their heads to effectively get rid of lice or reduce the chances of acquiring them. These days’ things are a lot better for everyone. There are a lot of products that can easily get rid of lice after a thorough inspection of a child’s head. The most effective way to deal with the problem is no longer simply getting rid of all the hair.



Using Lice Busters special head lice comb and lice treatment lotion will remove your head lice problem swiftly and without traumatically altering your children’s appearances. At this point head lice may cause less strife than getting gum stuck in your hair for a kid.


Head Lice Treatment

Finding lice treatments is as simple as a quick Google search and as painless as a shower. By the time the lice have been managed you will be thanking your lucky stars that you are not living in an era that dealt with this problem through drastic measures. You will be happy to have a kid with a full head of lice free hair.

Hair Lice Lessons

When we learn about lice in school generally the extent of it is important lessons like not sharing hats and not touching our heads excessively. Little did we know then that our simple proximity in classes and in school in general would ensure that any incident of hair lice in the school could very quickly escalate and make its way onto the vast majority of heads in a given grade.

hair lice

In my time at school there were even bouts of school wide head lice inspections administered by the school’s own nurses on every child in the school. These inspections made me wonder about a lot of things not the least of which was, if you are searching for lice with the same tools how are those tools not becoming breeding grounds for the lice?


Still there was an element of scared straight-ness to the measures taken to try and stamp out lice in the school. If nothing else it bred an inert awareness of the critters and in general has informed my knowledge about the best and most effective lice treatments available. These days I no longer have the fear of lice I once did since I am aware of how to handle them.