Hair Lice Lessons

When we learn about lice in school generally the extent of it is important lessons like not sharing hats and not touching our heads excessively. Little did we know then that our simple proximity in classes and in school in general would ensure that any incident of hair lice in the school could very quickly escalate and make its way onto the vast majority of heads in a given grade.

hair lice

In my time at school there were even bouts of school wide head lice inspections administered by the school’s own nurses on every child in the school. These inspections made me wonder about a lot of things not the least of which was, if you are searching for lice with the same tools how are those tools not becoming breeding grounds for the lice?


Still there was an element of scared straight-ness to the measures taken to try and stamp out lice in the school. If nothing else it bred an inert awareness of the critters and in general has informed my knowledge about the best and most effective lice treatments available. These days I no longer have the fear of lice I once did since I am aware of how to handle them.

Hair Lice Inspection Buddy System

Lice, the bugs themselves are off-putting and unpleasant to have. It feels like a poor reflection of yourself. Sadly you cannot just get rid of them yourself with no skills. Instead you need to a friend or loved one to use a special comb, designed to remove the lice and nits from the hair. Make sure to comb small sections of the hair at a time. Missing a single section of the hair can lead to a re-infestation, so its very important to preform several treatments.


Attempting to handle a hair lice problem on your own is a fool’s bet. Chances are you will never be able to get all of the eggs out without at least a second set of eyes looking at all of the portions of your head you never see. That second set of eyes can also comb through your hair removing the little eggs and the bugs themselves sure to be making a home on your head.

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The buddy system it turns out is not just for swimming anymore. Chances are if you have lice a friend or family member also has it. Why not take a chance to manage the problem together?

Effective Lice Treatment To Get Rid of Head Lice

As someone who has raised a handful of adorable children, I always feared the day they were to come home early from school because of an itchy scalp.  For many knowing adults, this is the telltale sign that their child is a victim of head lice.  Lice are very small parasitic creatures that feed on the scalp of its victims.  While feeding they secrete saliva that causes the typical itching associated with lice.  So how do you get rid of lice?


Home Lice TreatmentThere are a few lice shampoo treatments that have powerful insecticides that can kill lice and their eggs but such shampoos have potential negative side effects.  The best options involve a lice comb designed specifically to get rid of the little parasites and a trained clinical staff that will methodically go through your child’s hair.  These two options are the most effective ways to ensure total lice removal.  Besides that, the trained physicians will be able to give you a few lice prevention techniques to make sure your child has less of a chance of being a victim of lice.


While prevention is the key when lice are involved, once they have dug in there are ways to get rid of them.