Lice Busters Hiring: Head Lice Technicians Wanted – Great Pay

Lice Busters – America’s #1 Lice Treatment Brand is naturally renowned for its all natural lice treatment method that comes with a 100% guarantee.

Natural Lice Treatment

Lice Busters – Natural Lice Treatment Brand


The candidate will be trained to treat people using our renowned and trademarked lice treatment method. The Lice Busters method consists of naturally removing Lice and Nits from the hair using a special metal lice comb. The Lice Busters service is a one-time treatment that takes around 45 minutes to an hour to complete.


The technicians always wear smocks or lab coats among other things when treating clients, so the chance of catching head lice is very minuscule. Head Lice is not a hygiene issue as is commonly thought. In fact it happens to be the opposite, Head Lice prefer clean and healthy hair.


This candidate MUST meet the following criteria: multi-tasking, friendly, outgoing, energetic, result driven, trustworthy, positive, hands on, no problem too big, motivated, self starter and great with kids with basic computer knowledge. Driver license a plus but not mandatory.


This is a part time job that will consist of about 10-25 hours a week.
Great pay due to it being part time work as well as Lice Busters knowing how to take care of their employees. Must be on the books no exemptions!


For more info about Lice Busters visit them on the web at


Please email resumes to (.co like corporation not .com)
Due to the high number of applications a brief description about yourself and why you would be good for the job will only increase your chances of standing out.

The Media Trusts Lice Busters

The market is, to a large extent, flooded with products purporting to be the best way to handle a lice infestation. There are soaps and shampoos not to mention special combs to get rid of lice. When it comes to deciding which of these lice products is the most reliable? it get sort of tricky. Unlike so many other products there is no real trial and error process for finding a brand you like. No one can afford that sort of time when it comes to a perpetually spreading lice problem.


For my money landing on the Lice Busters Blog is the best thing that could happen to a family trying to handle a lice problem. The site itself makes it clear that this is an accredited business that understands dealing with lice.


The Lice Busters’ lice remedies have been featured on a wide array of major media outlets that are readily displayed on each page of this website. You see credible news sources like the New York Times, NPR, the Wall Street Journal and the Daily News. It would seem that when the media needs to talk about lice they call the folks over at Lice Busters.


These sorts of endorsements are not everything but they will make you feel better about the options.

How to Get Rid of Lice Individually

When I was a kid, I had the unfortunate experience of getting lice from school. It happens; lots of kids in small classrooms are bound to pass all kinds of germs, infections, and infestations. As soon as I found out I had lice, my mom kept me home from school for a couple of days, as to not pass it on. She knew exactly how to get rid of lice because when she too was a kid, she had lice. She knew that lice combs and the right lice treatment lotion would treat the infestation pretty quickly.

Head Lice Comb

When treating anyone, whether it’s an adult or child, the best idea is to keep that person from infecting others. Getting a comb specifically for finding and removing lice is a must. You should also get Lice Busters all natural lice prevention spray and hair thickener to ensure you effectively treat the lice infestation. The comb is to remove the lice and nits from the hair and the prevention spray is to keep the lice away.


Don’t stop using your lice treatment products when you stop itching or seeing signs of them; you want to keep using it for a few days after to make sure that each and every one is removed and you won’t have a resurgence!

Head Lice Treatment for Schools

When you think about head lice, your mind usually goes straight to children. While adults can most certainly have lice, it’s more rampant among children –mainly because children are in such close quarters. I’m sure every parent has been notified about an outbreak in their child’s school at least once. I remember as a child being informed that the younger grades were having outbreaks. We were all forced to keep our coats in our backpacks so as to limit the spread.

lice treatment kit


Lice in schools is practically inevitable but that doesn’t mean you can’t minimize the problem and take care of it. Lice Busters provides Proactive Head Lice Screening to sch

ools, as well as camps, and day care centers. These screenings will cost $5 per screening, which is a great low rate. The flat rate is affordable and definitely worthwhile. If your school has an outbreak and doesn’t take care of it quickly, it can easily spread across the grade levels. And until all the students have been treated, it will continue popping up. The goa

l isn’t to limit lice. It’s to get rid of lice.


You can’t 100% prevent lice from ever coming into your school. But you can get rid of lice in your school quickly so the chances of it reoccurring are