Lice Removal Connecticut

Lice Removal Connecticut

Welcome to Lice Busters Connecticut, America’s # 1 Lice Removal & Lice Treatment Provider, which has been featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, CBS, Chicago Tribune, NPR, and many other prestigious media venues for our outstanding service and effective all-natural lice removal method. Lice Busters is now offering our famous ” Home Comfort Lice Treatment”,  in the comfort of your home at our newly discounted flat rate fee.

We have been proudly serving Connecticut for over 20 years and have expanded our service area to include: Bridgeport, Bridgewater, Canaan, Durham, East Hampton, East Hartford, East Haven, Essex, Fairfield, Goshen, Greenwich, Hartford, Merriden, New Caanan, Norwich, Stamford, West Hartford, West Haven, Warren, and all surrounding areas.

We Offer A Discreet All Natural Service

In The Comfort Of Your Home

Home Visit Fee: $250

Screenings: Free

Head Lice Treatment: $ 250

One Time Treatment Guarantee

  • The Lice Busters all natural lice removal, and lice treatment service has been nationally recognized as America’s # 1 Lice treatment service by the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Time, CBS, Time Out New York, Chicago Tribune and other prestigious media venue.
  • Lice Busters has also been prominently featured in the major motion picture “ I don’t Know How She Does It” starring Sarah Jessica Parker, Pierce Bronson, Christina Hendricks, Seth Meyers and other A listed actors. Hendricks, Seth Meyers and other A listed actors.
  • Home Comfort: Avoid the hassle of traveling to a local lice treatment facility, office wait time, and potentially hearing the crying of small children.
  • Complete Privacy: With our exclusive “Home Comfort Treatment”, client benefits include the upmost privacy, in-home treatment, and training on how to prevent and identify head lice.
  • Warm Gentle Service: Lice Busters only employs lice treatment professionals who possess a warm personality and who can deliver our all natural lice treatment in a gentle manner. Once the service has been provided, our customer service specialist follows up with a call to ensure the service was provided with the upmost professionalism, ensuing the satisfaction of all our clients.
  • All Natural Treatment: Our all-natural lice treatment, which has been carefully developed and refined over 25 years in business, utilizes only the finest ingredients and is one of the key secrets to the Lice Busters success on a national level.
  • Do- It –Yourself Training: With every lice treatment, we provide a do-it –yourself training tutorial, which empowers individuals with knowledge on how to identify, prevent and treat head lice utilizing an all natural and cost effective technique.
  • Effective Treatment Guarantee: The Lice Busters lice treatment / lice removal service comes with a 100% treatment guarantee, considering all members of a household have been treated by a Lice Busters professional, and undergone a follow up screening within 10 days of the initial treatment.
  • Same Day Service: If an appointment is scheduled within the morning hours, we can usually guarantee same day treatment in the comfort of your own home. For in home service, we typically need about 4-6 hours of notice, although you may try making an immediate appointment, and we’ll do our best to accommodate your needs. To schedule a lice treatment appointment in Connecticut, please call (877) 613-1143.