Lice Prevention

Preventing head lice infestation

While anyone can claim to be an expert at lice prevention, we like to think that our twenty-or-so years of dealing with lice infestations may just give us an edge when it comes to handing out advice on how to keep you and yours from becoming victims of these blood sucking little critters.

Lice and nits are usually spread through head to head contact or by coming into close proximity with personal items of someone who has already been infected. We’ve put together a few sure-fire tried and tested suggestions for head lice prevention that will help you keep your kids and home, happy and lice free.

Try placing two drops of garlic extract onto the palms of your hands. Rub your hands together and then immediately run your hands through your child’s hair. While you may smell the garlic extract for a few minutes, don’t worry, it will soon fade and this method is good for the whole day if you do it in the morning. Some people prefer to replace the garlic extract with vinegar, but we like the first method as it’s a little easier on the senses.

Another great lice prevention tip for kids with long hair, is to make sure that they keep their hair in a ponytail or braids while they are in school or likely to come into contact with strangers. This will greatly reduce the likelihood of bugs being transferred from an infected individual to your child.

Simple changes to your child’s routine can also mean the difference between a happy kid and one that has to suffer through the unpleasantness of a constantly itching scalp. Simple adjustments such as not sharing combs, hairbrushes or hats are good ways to mitigate the chance of lice being spread to your family.

It’s important to remember that head lice infestations are not a reflection of general hygiene and that outbreaks are recorded across all economic and social levels. Education is the best lice prevention tool to protect your family against lice, so always watch for symptoms (usually severe head scratching), so that you can act quickly should your child become infected.

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