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Lice and Nits

Lice and NitsHead lice are a fairly common problem for parents with young children. The treatment is oftentimes a nuisance because of the fact that they lay up to 10 eggs (called nits) a day and these are approximately the size of a pin point. The nymphs are more of a problem in this case than the matured lice.


But there are effective and safe ways to rid yourself and your child of these pests. Some lice products may contain unhealthy chemicals that are tough on your hair and scalp, but Lice Busters only provides all Natural Lice treatment. The lotions, prevention sprays, and hair thickener are all made with hypoallergenic ingredients and natural enzymes that target and trap the lice, making them easy to comb them out with a metal lice comb.


Especially with children, you want to be using the most natural materials to take care of the problem but you still want it to work. Lice Busters have treated tens of thousands of children each year, for the last 20 years, proving the reliability of their products. They have a team of clinicians working to ensure the quality of the products as well, so all you get is the best of the best.


Take a look at our website and get your lice treatment solution today.

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7 Responses to Lice and Nits

  1. The Tips about Head lice were very informative, It helped when trying to deal with my 6 year old daughters recent bout of Head Lice which she caught from one of her classmates in school.

  2. Can Black people get head lice? what are chances of a black person having Lice.

  3. Pingback: Igor

  4. After the whole bed bug scare, people should be able to deal with hearing about head lice

  5. Reading this blog post about head lice reminds me of the time I had it as a child. My mother spent hours if not days picking the lice out one by one. Luckily there are lice treatments available from lice busters that safely and naturally remove the lice and nits from the hair.

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