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Kids Can Keep Their Long Hair

Posted on Wed, May 9, 2012 under

There are several ways kids, and adults can prevent lice, such as not sharing combs and hats and rubbing a few drops of garlic extract on your hair. But some people think they have to go to extreme measures in order to prevent an outbreak in the family. There is a common myth that people who have no hair or with buzzed hair will not get lice and that your odds of becoming infected increase the longer your hair.


We’ve already dhead liceebunked that myth. Anyone can get lice. It has nothing to do with hair length so you shouldn’t feel that your boys should have a buzz cut and your girls a pixie cut –unless they actually want that hairstyle. Chopping off your child’s hair against her will might not end well. Instead, just use certain precautions. If your daughter has very long hair, have her wear it in a ponytail or in braids while she is at school. This will significantly reduce the chances of lice or nits being transferred to your child.


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