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Keep Hair Clean: “Nit-Picking” and Other Hygenic Resolutions For Head Lice

Posted on Thu, Apr 12, 2012 under


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One problem people often have is knowing whether or not the nits left by head lice are dead or alive. This can be easily misdiagnosed as dead when simply they’re


inactive. And empty nit shells stick to individual strands of hair even after the hatching. Basically these little bugs are a serious pain to get rid of so you need to make sure you get even the hatchlings and pre-hatchlings.


The nits can be found close to the scalp. They have an oval-like shape. You will know they’re new if they look yellowish in tint. They’ll darken and tan out as they


grow. When you use the lice treatment and comb out the hair, ensure that you’re trapping any and all remnants of the lice and the nits. If you miss the unhatched ones then you’ll just be getting another infestation.



If you use a comb with fine metal teeth that leave little room in between then chances are you will catch more in one swoop than having to wrestle with several attempts. You should sterilize it after every use too. After a few days check the status of your hair and scalp or that of your child, whomever had the infestation.

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