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Humankind’s Fight Against Lice

Posted on Tue, Apr 17, 2012 under

Lice have been, and continue to be, one of the most common parasitic ailments among humans. Kids ages 3 to 12 are particularly vulnerable. Young girls are the most at risk because of their long hair.

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Lice have plagued mankind for thousands of years. Lice were found on the heads of Egyptian mummies and ancient Babylonians. Aristotle complained of lice, though he mistakenly thought they were a disease that springs forth from the body.


Lice infestation was a big problem during WWI with J.R.R Tolkien and C.S Lewis both suffering from lice on the front lines. Unlike head lice, which do not spread disease, the body lice there were prevalent then carried a number of dangerous infections. Some people suspect one in five illnesses on the front line were a result of lice bites. Even today body lice continue to spread disease in areas of the developing world.


Head lice do not communicate any disease but have proved harder to eradicate in the developed world. Some studies even suggest that head lice evolved to not carry diseases so they could not kill us, their human hosts. Today however, lice are a menace. Luckily modern lice remedies can usually stop them dead in their tracks.

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