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Home Remedies and why they just don’t work

Faced with the prospect of their child suffering from a confirmed case of head lice, any parent is going to immediately want to deal with the infestation as quickly as possible. There are numerous over-the-counter and prescription treatments for killing head lice but many parents find that these pesticide based medications either don’t work or they would prefer to use home remedies for head lice treatment due to the chemicals and toxicity of some of these medications.

Faced with a decision of administrating a potentially toxic substance to their child, concerned parents will often turn to the internet where they will find an abundance of often incorrect or misleading home remedies for head lice.

Purported remedies such as wrapping the child’s hair in a shower cap or plastic while they sleep are not only useless but can also have unpredictable effects if the parent uses this method along with a pesticidal shampoo or other chemical based treatment. Oil based remedies are often quoted as being effective against lice but the majority of these reports are merely anecdotal and have never been proven to actually work. Mayonnaise, vinegar, Vaseline and even mouth washes have all been said to have an effect on lice but there is no evidence pointing to any of these “remedies” as being effective.

Besides the obvious problems of ridding your child of the mess these alternative treatments can make of your their hair, the National Pediculosis Association recently highlighted an added risk to using home remedies such as mayonnaise, Vaseline or Tea Tree oil. The association issued a safety alert for using these home remedies for head lice, warning that the oil contained in these substances may enhance the absorption of the chemicals used in pesticidal based shampoos by your child.

The only guaranteed way of killing head lice without the potential health effects of pesticidal treatments, is manual removal using a high quality lice comb. Lice Busters NYC offers the only truly effective treatment for ridding your child of lice. Our safe and all-natural treatment has been backed by leading dermatologists and pediatricians as one of the most effective ways of eliminating head lice and our clinical staff have over 20 years experience of helping kids suffering from head lice infestation.

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