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Head Lice Treatment for Schools

Posted on Wed, Apr 4, 2012 under

When you think about head lice, your mind usually goes straight to children. While adults can most certainly have lice, it’s more rampant among children –mainly because children are in such close quarters. I’m sure every parent has been notified about an outbreak in their child’s school at least once. I remember as a child being informed that the younger grades were having outbreaks. We were all forced to keep our coats in our backpacks so as to limit the spread.

lice treatment kit


Lice in schools is practically inevitable but that doesn’t mean you can’t minimize the problem and take care of it. Lice Busters provides Proactive Head Lice Screening to sch

ools, as well as camps, and day care centers. These screenings will cost $5 per screening, which is a great low rate. The flat rate is affordable and definitely worthwhile. If your school has an outbreak and doesn’t take care of it quickly, it can easily spread across the grade levels. And until all the students have been treated, it will continue popping up. The goa

l isn’t to limit lice. It’s to get rid of lice.


You can’t 100% prevent lice from ever coming into your school. But you can get rid of lice in your school quickly so the chances of it reoccurring are


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