Head Lice Removal

Head lice and their effective removal

Head lice are tiny parasites usually found in the hair and scalp of humans. These nasty little insects feed off the blood of humans and an infestation will usually cause severe itching of the scalp (the body’s natural reaction to the saliva created by the lice) and irritability in the infected host. Head lice removal techniques vary from somewhat effective to downright useless in most cases, with only one truly effective method known which does not involve the use of harsh and often toxic chemicals.

Head lice are found throughout the world, with an estimated 6 to 12 million people becoming infected annually. The bugs are extremely contagious, which is why outbreaks are often observed in schools (particularly among children aged 3-10), and are easily passed on from one person to another through direct contact with an infected person or through infected clothing or belongings such as hair brushes, hats or even pony-tail holders.

Head lice removal while not difficult can be confusing due to the many (and mostly ineffective) remedies that are offered. Before you choose how to treat an infestation in either yourself or your child, it’s worth knowing a few facts about these insects.

Head lice go through 3 stages of development:

  • Nits – these are the eggs of the insect. These tiny, oval yellow or white eggs can often be mistaken for dandruff and are usually found attached to the shaft of the hosts hair.
  • Nymphs – the eggs will hatch into the immature version of head lice, called Nymphs. The Nymphs will mature into their adult stage in approximately 7 days; all the while they will be feeding on the blood of their host.
  • The adult version – of the head louse can live up to 30 days, again, feeding on the blood of the person it has infected. The adult, which will grow to the approximate size of a sesame seed, are naturally gray in color but have been known to take on the color of the host’s hair.

Lice infestations used to be treated using harsh chemical solutions which have since been discontinued because of their toxic side effects. Modern attempts at effective head lice removal have involved using weaker chemical treatments, but these have been rendered all but useless as the head lice have developed a natural immunity to the chemicals over time.

While there are many expensive head lice removal treatments available that purport to be effective at eliminating these unpleasant creatures, the only truly effective course of treatment that we recommend is the use of a specially developed nit-comb. These combs have been specifically developed to manually remove the lice and nits from the head of an infected person and, along with a specific cleaning regimen, is the only way you can be truly 100% sure that the infestation has been removed.

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