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Hair Lice: The Menace

Posted on Tue, Apr 3, 2012 under

Lice check schoolsA child with lice is patient zero for a mini lice epidemic in your home. In less than a day they can infect you and your partner, their siblings, rugs, couches, beds and pillows. Dealing with lice on the head of a young child is an urgent problem because once the lice contaminate the environment they can re-infect others leading to a vicious cycle. The thing about lice is they are crafty little beasts whose high adaptability makes them hard to kill.


If you see your child scratching their head more than usual you should get out the lice busters lice comb and give their head a quick inspection. Finding the problem early is the key to stemming its rapid spread. Don’t wait for a school lice check to find out your kid has lice. It’s embarrassing to the child and means the lice are probably already in your home.


Although lice are tough, don’t think you need to resort to harsh chemical treatments. Lice upset the scalp and sometimes the harsh chemicals people use to rid themselves of lice make things worse. Natural Lice treatments work as well and are less irritating. Also remember that those chemicals will be used on you or your children, so do you really want to be using a harsh pesticide?

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