Frequently Asked Questions

About Services

Where do you provide treatment?

We make discrete house calls, as well as offer treatment in our child-friendly and comfortable clinic.

Do you provide a home care service?

Yes. For your convenience, we offer residents of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut home care services. Call 877-613-1143 to begin treatment right away.

Are Lice Busters Products safe?

Yes. All of our treatments and methods are all natural, organic and environmentally friendly. Our techniques have been used for decades and are proven to be safe and effective.

How long does it take to treat my home?

Our specially trained head lice removal and treatment crew, can usually provide thorough home treatment in one to two hours.

About Head Lice

What are the symptoms of head lice?

Intense itching with moving and tickling sensations in the hair and scalp indicate a head lice infestation. Symptoms will intensify causing sores and welts from scratching. Those infected usually experience extreme distress and irritability.

How can a lice infestation advance?

Head lice feed on human blood several times throughout the day, leaving open sores. The open sores can become infections. People who suffer from blood-related medical conditions are especially susceptible.

How do lice spread?

Being in close contact with a host person, can cause lice and nits to spread. Wearing the persons clothing or using their personal items, like hats, hairbrushes and even toys can perpetuate the spread of these pests.

Why should I be concerned about other treatments that contain harsh chemicals?

The harsh chemicals used to kill lice and nits are essentially pesticides. These pesticides usually have potential side effects and health risks associated with their use. Our methods are all-natural, safe and guaranteed.

Why don’t lice shampoos and other formulas work?

Like many species, the ultimate goal is survival. Lice and nits eventually develop a resistance to these chemicals. They become completely unaffected, leaving those special shampoos useless.

If shampoos don’t work, then what does work?

‘Combing’ is an effective way of physically removing head lice and eggs for good. Natural ingredients should be used as a preliminary treatment to soften the hair before combing.