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Boys Can Get Head Lice, Too

Posted on Fri, Apr 20, 2012 under

For some reason, there’s often a misleading myth that boys with short hair can’t get head lice. If their head is buzzed, it has to be impossible for them to contract it from anyone. But that just isn’t so. Boys can definitely get lice just as easily as girls, no matter how short their hair may be. The length of the hair is not what attracts Lice, per say. Lice lay their eggs close to the scalp to provide warmth for its eggs.Boys Lice


That’s why it is important to get your son checked out for head lice, especially if he was exposed to it in school. The nice thing about short hair is that if he does have it, you’ll be able to spot lice just a bit easier on your own, instead of combing through the long hair of your daughter.


If it does turn out your son has lice, it can be treated easily with the right products. Lice Busters has a variety of lice products to help get rid of lice and get your child head back to school



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