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The Media Trusts Lice Busters

Posted on Mon, May 7, 2012 under

The market is, to a large extent, flooded with products purporting to be the best way to handle a lice infestation. There are soaps and shampoos not to mention special combs to get rid of lice. When it comes to deciding which of these lice products is the most reliable? it get sort of tricky. Unlike so many other products there is no real trial and error process for finding a brand you like. No one can afford that sort of time when it comes to a perpetually spreading lice problem.


For my money landing on the Lice Busters Blog is the best thing that could happen to a family trying to handle a lice problem. The site itself makes it clear that this is an accredited business that understands dealing with lice.


The Lice Busters’ lice remedies have been featured on a wide array of major media outlets that are readily displayed on each page of this website. You see credible news sources like the New York Times, NPR, the Wall Street Journal and the Daily News. It would seem that when the media needs to talk about lice they call the folks over at Lice Busters.


These sorts of endorsements are not everything but they will make you feel better about the options.

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Head Lice Prevention Tips and Products

Posted on Fri, May 4, 2012 under

Head lice are a real pain to take care of once you get an infestation. That’s why it’s important to take the precautions to prevent them in the first place. If you or your children have been informed that lice are spreading in schools or in the neighborhood there are things you can do to avoid catching them.


Lice and nits spread most commonly from direct contact– loose hair and hats contract them. If your kid plays sports it is best to buy your own helmet and body protection equipment rather than sharing. And this rule about not sharing pertains to everything– no sharing combs, hats, scarves, or hair ribbons within or outside of the home. And always disinfect your stuff.


You can buy a Lice prevention spray from Lice Busters if you want to be absolutely lice free. Tightly wound hair is another way to prevent it– the lice can’t grip on hair if it’s not loose enough. And although this lowers the possibility of attracting lice, short hair is always the best. They need enough space to move around and if you have short hair they are less likely to call your scalp home.


Of course sometimes even the best attempts to avoid the problem aren’t enough. If you still happen to catch these pests, then your best solution is using Lice Busters all-natural lice treatment products.

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Debunking Lice Myths

Posted on Wed, May 2, 2012 under

There are plenty of myths floating around about lice, from who can contract it to supposed lice treatments. So I thought we would take the time to briefly go over some of the most common ones we hear a lot. Let’s set the record straight about lice and how to get rid of it.


lice remedies

  • Hair dye does not kill lice. You will just end up with dyed lice. Maybe they will look nicer but they will still be there.
  • Hairspray, gel, and other hair products are not a preventative measure against lice. It will not keep them at bay.
  • As we mentioned in a previous post, boys –even with buzz cuts– can still get lice.
  • Only 50% of people experience itchiness from head lice. Further more, the itch comes from lice bites and not from them crawling on your scalp. It can sometimes take up to 4 weeks for it to even become itchy.
  • Lice outbreaks are not necessarily seasonal. Those little buggers live all year long.
  • Lice cannot infest your home. They can only survive on a human head and when off the head, they die within 48 hours.


Lice will go to dirty or clean hair. Everyone can get them. Although they prefer clean hair, in order to begin reproducing in a clean and healthy environment.

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Head Lice Prevention

Posted on Mon, Apr 30, 2012 under

We spend a lot of time talking and thinking about how to deal with head lice once they have already made their presence known but what sort of preventive measures are available?


lice treatments

Chances are if someone at your child’s school had uncovered head lice there is good reason to take some precautions for your own child. One great way is to use an All Natural Lice Prevention spray. The spray wards off any potential lice before you start looking even start thinking about any  lice treatments. Lice hate the smell and will stay away from your child whether they are learning in a potentially lice infested classroom or diving into an always questionable Chuck E. Cheese ball-pit.


The spray is odorless to humans but gives off a smell that is abhorrent to lice and they will stay clear of your child no matter how close her or she gets to a child carrying the itchy little critters. Avoiding the problem as with most things is the best way to deal with it. There is a lot of ways you can figure out to try and avoid head lice but chances are it is much easier to take the preventative measure of getting some of this spray.

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Lice Treatments Beat Head Shaving

Posted on Mon, Apr 23, 2012 under

We have come quite far in our collective management of a lice problem. Used to be that when a kid in school got lice many young boys shaved their heads to effectively get rid of lice or reduce the chances of acquiring them. These days’ things are a lot better for everyone. There are a lot of products that can easily get rid of lice after a thorough inspection of a child’s head. The most effective way to deal with the problem is no longer simply getting rid of all the hair.



Using Lice Busters special head lice comb and lice treatment lotion will remove your head lice problem swiftly and without traumatically altering your children’s appearances. At this point head lice may cause less strife than getting gum stuck in your hair for a kid.


Head Lice Treatment

Finding lice treatments is as simple as a quick Google search and as painless as a shower. By the time the lice have been managed you will be thanking your lucky stars that you are not living in an era that dealt with this problem through drastic measures. You will be happy to have a kid with a full head of lice free hair.

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Boys Can Get Head Lice, Too

Posted on Fri, Apr 20, 2012 under

For some reason, there’s often a misleading myth that boys with short hair can’t get head lice. If their head is buzzed, it has to be impossible for them to contract it from anyone. But that just isn’t so. Boys can definitely get lice just as easily as girls, no matter how short their hair may be. The length of the hair is not what attracts Lice, per say. Lice lay their eggs close to the scalp to provide warmth for its eggs.Boys Lice


That’s why it is important to get your son checked out for head lice, especially if he was exposed to it in school. The nice thing about short hair is that if he does have it, you’ll be able to spot lice just a bit easier on your own, instead of combing through the long hair of your daughter.


If it does turn out your son has lice, it can be treated easily with the right products. Lice Busters has a variety of lice products to help get rid of lice and get your child head back to school



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