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A Cavalier Attitude About Head Lice? Blech.

Most of us see head lice as a real problem to be addressed immediately. On the rare occasion that someone decides having lice is “no big deal” there should be a simple dressing down of their cavalier attitude towards this infestation.


Lice spread quickly among people, especially in major metropolitan areas. Each store, bus, train, theater, home, classroom, you enter becomes susceptible to their own infestation thanks to your selfish laziness. You are exposing thousands of others potentially to your own plight; meanwhile effective lice remedies abound at decent prices.


If you choose to ignore the affect your own head lice might have on others that is really quite egregiously negative behavior, borderline sociopathic really. Of course you are also ignoring the potential health problems of having pests feeding off of your body constantly and reproducing wildly. That itchiness will not be easily ignored. It is highly unlikely you can make it through a day without scratching, let alone the night time where you will likely aggressively scratch in your sleep. Eventually this kind of itching will lead to infections and even potential scarring.


Have we scared you off of your cavalier attitude yet? Check out Lice Busters for some lice remedies now.

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