Effective Lice Treatment To Get Rid of Head Lice

As someone who has raised a handful of adorable children, I always feared the day they were to come home early from school because of an itchy scalp.  For many knowing adults, this is the telltale sign that their child is a victim of head lice.  Lice are very small parasitic creatures that feed on the scalp of its victims.  While feeding they secrete saliva that causes the typical itching associated with lice.  So how do you get rid of lice?


Home Lice TreatmentThere are a few lice shampoo treatments that have powerful insecticides that can kill lice and their eggs but such shampoos have potential negative side effects.  The best options involve a lice comb designed specifically to get rid of the little parasites and a trained clinical staff that will methodically go through your child’s hair.  These two options are the most effective ways to ensure total lice removal.  Besides that, the trained physicians will be able to give you a few lice prevention techniques to make sure your child has less of a chance of being a victim of lice.


While prevention is the key when lice are involved, once they have dug in there are ways to get rid of them.

Seeking Out Effective Lice Treatments

Lice are pests that no one ever wants to deal with, but when faced with the problem people tend to seek out the easiest solution possible.  In such cases, perhaps ironically, they find themselves throwing so much money at the problem simply because they are blinded by the fact that lice are present in their lives and must be destroyed at all costs.  It is during cases like these that scammers, claiming to effectively treat lice, take full blatant advantage of people.

Effective Lice Treatment

Such companies charge an outrageous hourly fee – sometimes $100 to $200 per hour – with complicated orders saying the patient “needs” multiple treatments.  They add insult to injury by forcing the patient to use remedies that are uncomfortable, potentially dangerous, and might not even work in the first place.


An All Natural lice treatment can be done for a flat rate and in most cases within a single hour.  And this lice treatment is guaranteed to be successful.  The professional lice removal experts at Lice Busters charge a flat rate of between $150-$200 per person.  Think about that for a moment: you get one simple treatment that is successful and all at a single, flat rate price.


If ever you out find out that lice have invaded your life, be sure to research carefully and know that Lice Busters is there to help you with all your Head Lice needs.

Random Tidbits About Lice

LICE BUSTERS NYCWhen most people hear the word “lice” they automatically cringe.  Some may even subconsciously scratch their head or check their hair out in the mirror as a precaution. But very few people take the time to learn a thing about them; most are just too grossed out or are too unwilling to try.  It makes sense in a way, they are generally disgusting creatures.  But it is always best to learn about lice; if they have somehow affected you; learning about them is the best way to fight them off.


Here are some random tidbits about these pests:

  • Lice feast on the blood of their victims.
  • There are three different types of lice that humans are victims of: head lice, body lice, and pubic lice.
  • The saliva lice secrete when feeding on a human’s scalp causes a severe allergic: the telltale itching associated with the parasite.
  • It takes a single louse – the singular for lice – seven days to mature into a fully-grown adult.
  • There are three stages lice go through: 1) as an egg.  2) a young louse, also called a nymph.  3) Lastly, it turns into an adult.

Before seeking any lice treatment it is best to learn as much as you can about them.

Parents Vs. Lice

Most parents learn how to treat lice the hard way. Children, being precocious and always on the front lines of any sort of germ or bug infestation, often find themselves in situations where getting lice is almost inevitable. If one child in school catches these itchy little critters chances are they will spread like wildfire.


Stainless Steel Lice CombTeaching your kids to not share hats and to be careful about touching there heads after touching things that everyone shares can help you to avoid them bringing lice into your home but even these methods are hardly fool proof.


Luckily for parents, getting rid of lice is easier than ever. The Lice Products on the Lice Busters’ website is an exceptional resource for parents trying to rid their home of lice. In fact it is probably worth it to just have a bottle of one or more of these head lice treatments at the ready, just in case.


If your child comes home with lice make sure to wash their hair thoroughly and wash all of their clothes as well. You will be rid of those lice in no time.

The Social Stigma of Lice

Lice, like many other pests, carry a social stigma. If you or your kids have lice people may assume you are dirty or do not keep you home well maintained. These assumptions could not be further from the truth. Lice like to live in clean hair so they can lay their eggs in a comfortable environment.


Thankfully you can get rid of the problem before having to deal with any of the embarrassing repercussions. Lice Busters carries a number of safe, effective and all natural lice treatment products. If the unthinkable happens and your child comes home with lice, just use our All Natural Lice Products to remove you Lice infestation. Our best selling lice products are the following, a stainless steel Lice Comb, which is used to remove lice and nits from the hair. A Lice Treatment Lotion, which is used to assist the combing process by making it easier to remove lice from the hair. Lice Prevention Spray, which is 100% effective at preventing lice. Lice and Nits hate the smell and stay away.  Lice Busters Lice products are all natural unlike other treatments for lice which contain toxic chemicals. Use our products and the critters will be gone before your kid can even scratch their head.

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You never know when your child will be sent home with lice so have some lice removal products on hand. The longer the lice stay in the hair the more opportunities they have to spread, reproduce and cause irritation. Attacking the problem quickly is the best solution. Then no one even has to know that you or your child had lice, which is easier then explaining lice to others.

A Lice Treatment Checklist And Advice

Lice can be a plague at schools and after school activities, especially for little ones. And with summer break just around the corner and sleepover camps getting ready to open their gates, it’s more important than ever to be preventative and proactive even before an outbreak occurs. There are something’s you should be watchful for and ways that you can treat it, for both your children and yourself.

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Head lice may not cause symptoms immediately. Depending on the host’s sensitivity it could be a matter of days, weeks, or even months for itching to start. Some people will itch until they irritate or break the skin. This leaves them vulnerable to infection along with the infestation, a double whammy of discomfort.


If you do show symptoms, then pick a treatment and stay consistent. Treat the problem on sight. Head lice can often be found on the back of the neck, behind the ears, and on strands of hair. If you have an infection as a result of the itching the skin may ooze clear fluid or crust over.


When you begin lice treatment, follow the instructions on the bottle or spray can. It should tell you approximately how long you should treat the symptoms. If you have sensitive skin or you’re hypoallergenic then you can look into all-natural forms of treatment that are still effective. Lice Busters have several options for you.